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Table 2 Case reports of HCC treatment with SA monotherapy

From: The GH-IGF-SST system in hepatocellular carcinoma: biological and molecular pathogenetic mechanisms and therapeutic targets

Publication Type of study Number of enrolled patients and controls Type of Cancer SA used for treatment Response to treatment-outcome
   Patients Controls    
Raderer 1999[207] Case report 1 - Advanced HCC LAN SR (30 mg/10d) ↓AFP, ↑TN, SD
Siveke 2003[208] Case report 1 - Advanced HCC OCT LAR (10 mg/28d) CR, ↓AFP
Deming 2005[209] Case report 1 - Metastatic HCC OCT LAR (30 mg) ↑QoL, ↓AFP, PR
Borbath 2012[210] Case report 1 - Metastatic HCC with lung and mediastinal nodes, HBV+, LAN SR (30 mg/14d) PR
  1. CR, Complete response.
  2. PR, Partial response.
  3. QoL, Quality of life.
  4. SD, Stable disease.
  5. TN, Tumor necrosis.
  6. AFP, Alpha fetoprotein.