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Table 3 List of antibodies used

From: Distinct pattern of lymphoid neoplasms characterizations according to the WHO classification (2016) and prevalence of associated Epstein–Barr virus infection in Nigeria population

Bcl-2 Roche Ventana SP66 ready to use
Bcl-6 Cell Marque GI191E/A8 1:50
CD 10 Roche Ventana SP67 ready to use
CD 138 Roche Ventana B-A38 ready to use
CD 15 Roche Ventana MMA ready to use
CD 20 Roche Ventana L-26 ready to use
CD 21 Roche Ventana 2G9 ready to use
CD 23 Roche Ventana SP23 ready to use
CD 3 Roche Ventana 2GV6 ready to use
CICLINA D Roche Ventana SP4-R ready to use
C-MYC Roche Ventana EP121 ready to use
HHV8 Roche Ventana 13B10 ready to use
KAPPA Cell Marque L1C1 1:20
KI-67 Roche Ventana 30 9 ready to use
LAMBDA Cell Marque LAMB14 1:50
IGA Cell Marque 2652 1:50
IGG Cell Marque 2653 1:50
IGM Cell Marque 2654 1:50
PAX5 Roche Ventana SP34 ready to use
PD-1 Cell Marque NAT105 1:20
S-100 Roche Ventana 4C4.9 ready to use
TDT Cell Marque TDT 1:100