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Table 2 Table showing answers to the question “Why did you not perform the self-sampling?” among women who did not respond to the vaginal hr-HPV self-sampling and agreed participation in telephone interview

From: Cervical cancer prevention among long-term screening non-attendees by vaginal self-collected samples for hr-HPV mRNA detection

Reasons for not taking or returning a vaginal hr-HPV self-sampleWomen
 Fear of discomfort00
 Feeling healthy00
 Phobia/fear of cancer311.1
 Ignorance of cervical cancer screening311.1
 Insecurity around new test method13.7
 Total emotional/attitude reasons725.9
 Lack of time13.7
 Too complicated instructions27.4
Total practical reasons1140.7
 Movement disability restricting self-sampling00
 Total physical reasons00
 Recent testing elsewhere00
 Total needless reasons00
 Other diseases prioritized311.1
 Did not received a self-sampling kit622.2
 Total other reasons933.3
  1. Hr-HPV High risk Human Papillomavirus