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Table 3 Analysis of the 15 studies stratified by geographic origin

From: Association between Epstein-Barr virus and Thymic epithelial tumors: a systematic review

Geographic originNo of studiesEventsSample sizePoint estimates of event rates (FE)Point estimates of event rates (RE)Homogeneity (Cochran’s Q)I 2 1Homogeneity (p-value)
Point estimate95% CIPoint estimate95% CI
Asia71017400–0.030.050–0.237.3883.9< 0.0001
Europe6302520.040.02–0.070.190–0.56164.5197< 0.0001
Summary15404720.020–0.030.090–0.23206.7393.2< 0.0001
Total within (FE)       201.98 < 0.0001
Total between (FE)       4.75 0.093
Total between (RE)       4.93 0.0848
  1. FE, fixed-effects model; RE, random-effects model
  2. 1 Only calculated for the fixed-effects model