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Table 1 Literature with previously reported cases of bilateral tonsillar carcinoma

From: Synchronous bilateral tonsil carcinoma: case presentation and review of the literature

Authors Year Country synchr. metachr. Recommendation HPV-16-status Primary diagnosis
Patel 2015 USA 3 1 Cases in context of dysphagie after bilateral transoral resection positive 3× CUP, 1× unilateral carcinoma
Bakkal 2014 Turkey 1   Case in context of primary chemoradiotherapy treatment n.p. Bilateral carcinoma
Nakahara 2014 Japan 1   Bilateral tonsillectomy or biopsy if HPV positivity positive CUP
Joseph 2014 USA 3 1 Bilateral tonsillectomy positive Unilateral carcinoma
Moualed 2011 UK 3   Bilateral tonsillectomy by suspected or proven tonsillar carcinoma n.p. Unilateral carcinoma
Mannina 2011 USA 1   Role of PET/CT staging for diagnosis of CUP positive CUP
Roeser (poster) 2011 USA 1   Bilateral tonsillectomy if bilateral tonsillar metastasation positive CUP
Smith (poster) 2011 USA 1 3 Bilateral tonsillectomy by CUP or unialteral tonsil carcinoma n.p. 1× CUP, 3× unilateral carcinoma
Monsted 2010 Danemark 1   No recommendation in abstract, article in Danish unknown Unilateral carcinoma
Chianchetti 2009 USA 1   Unilateral (or less often) bilateral tonsillectomy by diagnosis of CUP n.p. CUP
McGovern 2009 USA 1   Bilateral tonsillectomy if both tonsills enlarged + positive PET-CT scan positive CUP
Kothari 2008 UK 5   Bilateral tonsillectomy by diagnosis of CUP n.p. CUP
Kozakiewicz 2007 Poland 1   Bilateral tonsillectomy by bilateral cervikal metastasation unknown Unilateral carcinoma
Price 2006 UK 1   Role of FDG-PET in diagnosis of CUP, search for primary side n.p. CUP
Kazak 2003 Germany 1   Bilateral tonsillectomy by diagnosis of CUP n.p. CUP
Koch 2001 USA 2a   Bilateral tonsillectomy by diagnosis of CUP n.p. CUP
Rajendekumar 1999 UK 1   Search for further head and neck primary n.p. Unilateral carcinoma
Schöndorf 1971 Germany   1 Bilateral tonsillectomy by diagnosis of unilateral tonsil carcinoma n.p. Unilateral carcinoma
  1. Synchr. synchronous manifestation of bilateral tonsillar carcinoma, metachr. metachronous tonsillar carcinoma of the contralateral side; The numbers in the rows synchronous and metachronous demonstrate the number of reported cases in the according publications; a1× contralateral carcinoma in situ; n.p. not performed