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Table 4 Advantages and Weaknesses 3D EAUS versus MRI

From: Radiological assessment of anal cancer: an overview and update

Technique 3D EAUS MRI
Advantages Easier; quicker; low cost and better tolerated by patients MRI is the gold standard in oncological pelvic examination, providing morphological and functional data
Disadvantages The accuracy of US varies according to the operator skill; small field of view Expensive, poorly tolerated by the patient, long time for the examination
T stage More accurate for T1 than MRI and to asses relationship between lesion and sphincteric plan MRI is a valuable diagnostic tool in anal cancer staging, although the major limitation is an incorrect detection of T1 patients
N stage Only N1, so EAUS should be supplemented by MRI since US has a limited field of view. Effective assessment of lymph nodes status thanks to morphological and functional data by DWI.
Post Treatment Assessment EAUS did not provide any advantage over DRE in identifying local recurrence, and should not be recommended for routine surveillance MR imaging plays an important role in therapeutic assessment, properly stratify patients into responders or non responders to neoadjuvant treatment, surveillance after surgery, and evaluation of suspected disease fall-out