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Figure 4

From: The Epstein Barr-encoded BART-6-3p microRNA affects regulation of cell growth and immuno response in Burkitt lymphoma

Figure 4

Effects of BART6-3p on cell viability. (a) The effects of BART6-3p on cell proliferation and cell death were monitored following its inhibition by a synthetic antagomir, by Tripan blue exclusion assay. Proliferation curves show that inhibition of BART6-3p results in a decreased proliferation rate, whereas Tripan blue staining revealed an increased in the dead cell fraction (data not shown). (b) To detect whether cell death could be dependent on apoptosis, an Annexin V staining was performed 24 hrs after inhibitor transfection. Our results indicate an increase of the apoptotic fraction of cells transfected with BART6-3p inhibitor, in respect with its negative control (NC). The figure is representative of three different experiments.

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