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Figure 2

From: Possible role of Toxoplasma gondii in brain cancer through modulation of host microRNAs

Figure 2

Experimental approach validating the hypothesis. Flowchart of suggested procedures required to identify and validate miRNAs associated with Toxoplasma- mediated brain cancers. Aberrantly expressed miRNAs will be identified by analyzing miRNA expression profiles of specimens obtained from Toxoplasma infected brain cancer patients in comparison to the uninfected brain cancer specimens and specimens from normal individuals. The identified miRNAs will be further validated in brain cell lines and animal models by experimental Toxoplasma infection. Functional analyses will be helpful to identify miRNAs and their potential targets that regulate host signaling pathways. Thus, identification and validation of miRNAs will lead to the development of biomarkers and therapeutics for Toxoplasma associated brain cancers.

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