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Figure 6

From: An expanded myeloid derived suppressor cell population does not play a role in gammaherpesvirus-exacerbated breast cancer metastases

Figure 6

The number and percentage of CD11b+ and CD11b+Gr-1+cells in mock treated and HV-68 infected mice with metastatic breast cancer were not significantly different. Groups of mice were mock treated or HV-68 infected. Six months later mice were injected with syngeneic 4 T1 mammary tumor cells in the mammary fat pad. At day 44 following tumor cell transplantation, groups of mice were euthanized and tissues were isolated. Splenomegaly (Panel A) and the total number of leukocytes per spleen (Panel B) were determined. Bone marrow cells and splenic leukocytes were isolated from individual animals and labeled with fluorchrome-conjugated anti-CD11b and anti-Gr-1 antibodies. The percentage of CD11b+splenic leukocytes (Panel C) or CD11b+Gr-1+bone marrow cells or splenic leukocytes (Panel D) were determined by FACS analyses. Results are presented as mean values (N = 8) ± standard errors. These studies were performed twice with similar results

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