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Figure 1

From: Epstein-Barr virus-specific methylation of human genes in gastric cancer cells

Figure 1

AGS-B95-HygB cells express latent and lytic viral genes. A) Immunohistochemical stain for GFP suggests hygromycin B-treated AGS cells were uniformly infected by the engineered B95.8 EBV genome. B) EBER in situ hybridization indicates latent infection in >90% of cells. Nuclear EBER staining spares the nucleoli, and enlarged nucleoli are a marker of cellular activation. Latent viral proteins LMP1 (C) and LMP2 (D) were expressed focally. Lytic viral proteins, BMRF1 (E) and BZLF1 (F), were expressed in a significant fraction of AGS-B95-HygB cells. (GFP and BMRF1 stains, 800x; LMP1, LMP2, EBER and BZLF1 stains, 1200x)

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