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Figure 8

From: High risk HPV types 18 and 16 are potent modulators of oral squamous cell carcinoma phenotypes in vitro

Figure 8

HPV mRNA was expressed in vitro only after transfection. (A) RT-PCR using total RNA collected from CAL27, SCC-15 and SCC-25 non-transfectant cells does not express HPV-mRNA (representative sample of CAL27, screened for HPV16: lane 8). RT-PCR confirmed the expression of HPV18-mRNA (lane 3) and HPV16-mRNA (lane 7) from all samples (CAL27 data shown). (B) Scanning densitometry measurement of relative endpoint RT-PCR band intensities from endogenous HPV (GH354: A, lane 5) were compared to HPV16, HPV18 and HPV16/18 co-transfectants, which revealed that HPV mRNA expression in all transfectants was roughly equivalent in all samples analyzed.

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