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Archived Comments for: The first case of human autochtonous subconjunctival dirofilariosis in Poland and MALT lymphoma as possible consequence of this parasitosis

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  1. Similar, second case of lymphoma concerned with human dirofilariosis.

    Piotr Borkowski, Warsaw Medical University

    14 August 2015

    In the presentation "Human Dirofilaria repens infection in Hungary" by István Kucsera, shown 27 May 2010, in Novi Sad, available for download on the sides of the center of the Hungarian National Epidemiology:
    is described 69- year old woman, shepard, who has removed 5 worms Dirofilaria repens. One year later she also developed lymphoma.

    This is the second similar case in which there was a similar relationship between Dirofilaria repens and lymphoma.


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