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Table 1 Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics of Mashhad samples.

From: Molecular and phylogenetic analysis of HIV-1 variants circulating among injecting drug users in Mashhad-Iran

Sample Risk exposure Status CD4+ (cells/μl) ARV PCR gag PCR env
MSH01 IDU Alive 428 Yes Pos Neg
MSH02 IDU Alive 444 No Pos Pos
MSH03 IDU Alive 111 No Pos Pos
MSH04 IDU Alive 191 No Pos Pos
MSH05 Homo Dead n.a. No Neg Pos
MSH06 IDU Alive 400 No Pos Pos
MSH07 IDU Alive 450 Yes Pos Pos
MSH08 IDU Alive 408 No Pos Pos
MSH09 IDU Alive 446 No Pos Neg
MSH10 IDU Dead n.a. No Pos Pos
MSH11 IDU Alive 133 Yes Pos Neg
MSH12 IDU Alive 129 No Pos Pos
  1. n.a, not available;
  2. homo, homosexual;
  3. IDU, injecting drug user.