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Table 3 Evaluation of viral loads of tested positive individuals

From: SARS-CoV-2 quantitative real time PCR and viral loads analysis among asymptomatic and symptomatic patients: an observational study on an outbreak in two nursing facilities in Campania Region (Southern Italy)

Variable Total (n) Viral loads (copies/mL)
Mean 95% CI Median Min Max SD
Overall 91 2.52E+07 1.05E+07 – 3.99E+07 1.46E+05 6.99E+02 4.71E+08 7.01E+07
Asymptomatic 27 3.99E+07 1.20E+07 – 6.77E+07 1.14E+07 1.30E+04 2.67E+08 7.03E+07
Symptomatic 64 1.90E+07 1.47E+06 – 3.65E+07 3.39E+04 6.99E+02 4.71E+08 7.02E+07
> 65 y 62 3.09E+07 1.05E+07 – 5.13E+07 1.53E+05 7.17E+02 4.71E+08 8.02E+07
< 65y 29 1.85E+07 4.32E+05 – 3.66E+07 1.38E+05 6.99E+02 1.91E+08 4.75E+07
Female 65 2.34E+07 5.66E+06 – 4.11E+07 6.17E+04 6.99E+02 4.71E+08 7.16E+07
Male 26 2.96E+07 2.94E+06 – 4.63E+07 4.44E+05 1.34E+03 2.46E+08 6.60E+07