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Table 9 Analysis of the Relationship between Serum AFP, AFP-L3, CTCs Levels and Prognosis of HCC Patients Treated with Microwave Ablation

From: Combined detection of circulating tumor cells, α-fetoprotein heterogene-3 and α-fetoprotein in the early diagnosis of HCC for the prediction of efficacy, prognosis, recurrence after microwave ablation

Group Case AFP(ng/mL) AFP-L3(%) CTCs
OS>3 years 40 162.28(67.93~427.05) 14.95(13.87~15.84) 2.25(1.95~2.53)
OS<3 years 52 270.33(154.62~731.85)a 18.81(16.32~19.26)a 2.72(2.33~2.93)a
  1. Note: Compared with the group of OS > 3 years, aP<0.05