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Table 2 Comparison of Serum AFP, AFP-L3 and CTCs Levels

From: Combined detection of circulating tumor cells, α-fetoprotein heterogene-3 and α-fetoprotein in the early diagnosis of HCC for the prediction of efficacy, prognosis, recurrence after microwave ablation

Groups n AFP(ng/mL) AFP-L3(%) CTCs(/mL)
Normal control group 110 7.16(5.27~10.05) 5.32(3.63-7.07) 0
Hepatitis group 127 9.37(6.54~12.86) 6.45(4.51-8.15) 0.37(0-0.52)
Cirrhosis group 102 22.08(13.02~178.91)a,b 12.73(9.07-15.32)a,b 1.53(0.42-2.15)a,b
HCC group 143 183.27(67.93~1512.34)a,b,c 17.07(13.32-21.91)a,b,c 2.47(1.95-2.93)a,b,c
F   112.02 67.16 78.37
P   <0.001 <0.001 <0.001
  1. Note: vs. normal control group, aP<0.05; vs. hepatitis group, bP<0.05; vs. the other groups, cP<0.05