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Table 1 Demographics, study period, age parameters, occupation and co-morbididty

From: Management guidelines of penile cancer- a contemporary review of sub-Saharan Africa

StudyStudy PeriodNumber of PatientsMean Age (years)Age Range (years)OccupationCo-morbidities
Ngendaho et al. Rwanda [7]2015–20163060 yrs33 yrs–83 yrsPetty farmers: 86.7%HIV Infection: 20%
HPV: Not tested
Diallo et al. Guinea [8]1996–20130651 yrs32 yrs–80 yrsN/AHIV infection:16.7%
HPV: Not tested
Magoha et al. Kenya [9]1970–19995547.9 yrs20 yrs–80 yrsN/AHIV infection: not tested
HPV: Not tested
Wentzel et al. South Africa (Blacks) [10]2000–20086550.9 yrs37 yr –69 yrsN/AHIV Infection: 56.2%
HPV: 41.5%
Gueye et al. Senegal [11]10 years1155 yrs40 yrs–75 yrsN/AHIV: 9.1%
HPV: Not tested
Ajekigbe et al. Nigeria [12]1990–20090752.2 yrs42 yrs–79 yrsN/AHIV infection: not tested
HPV: Not tested
Sow et al. Cameroon [13]1994–200508N/A43 yrs–75 yrsRural inhabitants: 100%HIV infection: 12.5%
HPV: Not tested
Abdulkadir et al. Nigeria [14]1998–20150659.7 yrs50 yrs–75 yrs  
Chalya et al. Tanzania [15]2004–201323647 yrs21 yrs–78 yrsUnemployedHIV infection: 6.7%
HPV: 5.1%
Sow et al. Senegal [16]2000–20110851.5 yrs27 yrs–77 yrsLow socioeconomic status 
  1. HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HPV Human Papilloma Virus, N/A Not Available