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Table 4 Detection of Xq21.33 in Cell lines

From: Is the HERV-K HML-2 Xq21.33, an endogenous retrovirus mutated by gene conversion of chromosome X in a subset of African populations, associated with human breast cancer?

Cell LineXq21.33EthnicityCell TypeGender
HCC70+BlackPrimary duct cancerfemale
DT22+BlackTriple negativefemale
MCF7CaucasianAdenocarcinoma breastfemale
T47DunknownMetastatic pleural effusionfemale
SKBr3CaucasianInvasive duct cancerfemale
K151CaucasianInvasive duct cancerfemale
BT474CaucasianInvasive duct cancerfemale
HUS78unknown unknown
MDA MB453CaucasianAdenocarcinoma breast metastatic pleural effusionfemale
MDAMB 157BlackMedullary carcinoma breastfemale
MDA MB468BlackAdenocarcinoma pleural space (breast)female
HCC 1806Blackacantholytic squamous cell carcinoma breastfemale
SUM149NATriple negative Invasive duct BrCFemale
ZR7530BlackInvasive duct BrCfemale
JURKAT tATunknownacute T lymphoblastic leukemiamale
DHL1unknownDiffuse large cell lymphoma cell line from pleural effusionmale
HL60CaucasianAcute promyelocytic leukemiafemale
HUT 78 CaucasianCutaneous T cell lymphomamale
H9CaucasianDerivative of HUT 78male
SupT1CaucasianT lymphoblastic lymphomaunknown
MT4unknownAdult T acute lymphoblastic leukemiamale
09–1521unknownEBV+ B cell from follicular lymphomaunknown
12–1697unknownEBV + B cell from lymphomaunknown
12–135unknownEBV negative cell line from marginal zone lymphomaunknown
13–1357unknownEBV negative cell line from Hodgkin lymphomaunknown
14–130unknownEBV+ cells from follicular lymphomaunknown
15–107unknownEBV - cells from transplant lymphomaunknown
NSUH1CaucasianEBV – cells from diffuse large B cell lymphomamale