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Table 5 Regression model for sociodemographic, sexual history, and reproductive practices of having had a cervical screening

From: Sociodemographic factors, health seeking behaviors, reproductive history, and knowledge of cervical screening among women in Swaziland

 Age-Adjusted OR§ (95%confidence interval)Fully Adjusted OR (95%confidence interval)
  < 30 0.06 (0.01–0.67)
  ≥ 30 Referent
Education level  
 Primary/No schoolReferentReferent
 Secondary1.13 (0.59–2.17)1.48 (0.43–5.17)
 Tertiary2.25 (1.04–4.87)5.83 (1.11–30.50)
Employment status  
 Employed/Self-employed or Partially1.39 (0.80–2.40)0.61 (0.21–1.74)
Drink alcohol?  
 No0.43 (0.18–1.01)0.65 (0.12–3.68)
VIA Results  
 Negative0.51 (0.24–1.07)0.34 (0.08–1.38)
From which of the following sources do you obtain most of your health knowledge? 
 Your parentsReferentReferent
 Your friends2.88 (0.72–11.51)3.87 (0.24–62.42)
 The media2.27 (0.79–6.54)1.22 (0.14–10.74)
 Your sexual partner2.46 (0.67–9.09)8.78 (0.66–115.91)
aOther1.35 (0.45–3.99)1.56 (0.18–13.93)
What has been your general approach towards using health care services? 
 Only use whenever I am sick & Hardly ever useReferentReferent
 Visit yearly for checkup1.97 (1.07–3.63)1.87 (0.74–4.72)
Has any of the following ever prevented you from being tested for cervical cancer? 
Not knowing which tests I should have 
 Yes0.39 (0.23–0.65)0.54 (0.22–1.37)
Doctor has never recommended screening 
 Yes0.61 (0.36–1.03)1.36 (0.50–3.65)
Didn’t know when to have screening 
 Yes0.30 (0.17–0.50)0.27 (0.01–0.74)
Have you ever heard of VIA  
 Yes2.61 (1.45–4.70)1.78 (0.47–6.75)
How many of your children did you breastfeed?1.13 (0.94–1.36) 
Have you ever had an abortion 
 Yes5.06 (0.88–29.12)2.60 (0.24–28.82)
  1. aOther = Health-care worker, school, family