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Table 3 Selected human orthologs of fish TTRgrEEN genes with functions that do not exist in fish

From: Evolutionarily novel genes are expressed in transgenic fish tumors and their orthologs are involved in development of progressive traits in humans

Name of ene (Fish gene/Human gene)GO domainSelected GO progressive functions not encountered in fish ([Fish gene]/[Human gene])
Molecular function (Fish gene/Human gene)Cellular component (Fish gene/Human gene)Biological process (Fish gene/Human gene)
Fish tgfbr2b/Human TGFBR210/184/129/84[NO]/[bronchus development, bronchus morphogenesis, embryo implantation, in utero embryonic development, lung development, lung lobe morphogenesis, lung morphogenesis, mammary gland morphogenesis, ventricular septum development]
Fish lepa/Human LEP2/43/315/106[NO]/[placenta development
Fish sema7a/Human SEMA7A1/30/41/16[NO]/[olfactory lobe development
Fish klf1/Human KLF13/71/23/6[NO]/[maternal process involved in female pregnancy
Fish ephb3a/Human EPHB37/93/85/25[NO]/corpus callosum development
Fish dazap1/Human DAZAP12/60/60/6[NO]/maternal placenta development
Fish spry1/Human SPRY10/11/66/16[NO]/bud elongation involved in lung branching
Fish lmx1bb/Human LMX1B3/71/113/9[NO]/in utero embryonic development
Fish nr2e1/Human NR2E15/91/22/41[NO]/cerebral cortex development, cerebral cortex neuron differentiation, dentate gyrus development, layer formation in cerebral cortex
Fish sobpa/Human SOBP0/20/10/5[NO]/cochlea development
Fish ccdc40/Human CCDC400/04/511/14[NO]/lung development
Fish fosl1a/Human FOSL10/70/60/29[NO]/placenta blood vessel development