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Table 1 The number of zebrafish genes activated in liver transgenic tumors and expressed in liver after tumor regression, which have orthologs in the genomes of different species found by different algorithms

From: Evolutionarily novel genes are expressed in transgenic fish tumors and their orthologs are involved in development of progressive traits in humans

OrganismSpeciesGenomeBLASTXPsiBlastEnsembl89: May 2017
25%, eval< 10− 325%, eval< 10− 325%, conf = 1
ZebrafishDanio rerioGRCz10, INSDC Assembly GCA_000002035.3, Sep 2014870870870
LampreyPetromyzon marinusPmarinus_7.0, Jan 2011377522461
Spotted GarLepisosteus oculatusGRCz10, INSDC Assembly GCA_000002035.3, Sep 2014659725
Atlantic CodGadus morhuagadMor1, Jan 2010580593632
XenopusXenopus tropicalisJGI 4.2, INSDC Assembly GCA_000004195.1, Nov 2009599644
HumanHomo sapiensGRCh38.p3, INSDC Assembly GCA_000001405.18, Dec 2013624593689
  1. As shown in Table 1, the 870 zebrafish genes have a considerable number of orthologs in the genomes of the selected species. The results obtained by different algorithms are comparable. For subsequent work, we used results obtained by Ensembl