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Table 1 IARC criteria for oncogenicity for six oncoviruses with HHV-6 comparison

From: An evaluation of HHV-6 as an etiologic agent in Hodgkin lymphoma and brain cancer using IARC criteria for oncogenicity

Criteria Characteristics EBV HTLV-1 HHV-8 HPV HBV HCV HHV-6
Major criteria Viral detection (diffuse) X X X X X   
Tumor prevention (by antiviral vaccine)     a+/− X   
Minor criteria Serology X X X X X X  
Viral detection (restricted) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A   X
Biological gradients X X X   X X  
Clustering   X X   X X b+/−
Medical interventions     X X X X
Animal models X X    X   
  1. aVaccine reduces number of precancerous lesions [51]
  2. bSome evidence supports clustering of HHV-6 [70, 71]