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Table 1 Characteristics of the selected studies included in the meta-analysis

From: A meta-analysis of the relationship between vaginal microecology, human papillomavirus infection and cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

AuthorsYear of publicationStudy typeTypeNumber of caseNumber of controlrisk factorsQuality
da Silva et al. [23]2004Case-controlHPV2626bh7
Gao et al. [24]2013Case-controlHPV3238g7
Lu et al. [25]2015Case-controlHPV17381764bd6
Caiyan et al. [26]2012Case-controlCIN/HPV374/6225985/5590bch7
Marks et al. [27]2015Case-controlHPV289912bd7
Behbakht et al. [28]2002Case-controlCIN1734b6
Liu et al. [29]2016Case-controlHPV14522838bcde7
Murta et al. [30]2000Case-controlHPV390396ch7
Rahkola et al. [31]2009Case-controlHPV175153b7
Zhang et al. [32]a2017Case-controlHPV76878bcdeh6
Schiff et al. [33]2000Case-controlCIN112326bcd7
Verteramo et al. [34]2009Case-controlHPV266591bcdeh7
Barcelos et al. [35]2011Case-controlCIN7030bch7
  1. Note:b (BV), c (TV), d (CT), e (UU), g (Lactobacillus), h (VVC). aa one participant in 954 women with the laboratory results of vaginal swab specimens missed the data of Candida, CT and UU