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Table 3 Viral load and physical status in cases with HR-HPV-positive status and p16 overexpression

From: High-risk type human papillomavirus infection and p16 expression in laryngeal cancer

Case # Age (y) Sex PCR DNA ISH Viral load (copies/ng DNA) Integration TN Prognosis
1 41 M HPV-16 + 77,735.0 Mixed T4aN2c Alive w/o disease,84 mo
2 41 M HPV-16 NA 34,671.6 Mixed T1bN0 Alive w/o disease 34 mo
3 78 M HPV-16 NA 58.4 Mixed T3 N1 Alive w/o disease 15 mo
4 58 M + NA NA T1bN0 Alive w/o disease 60 mo
5 59 M + NA NA T1aN0 Alive w/o disease 29 mo
  1. #, number; y, years; NA, not available; TN, cT stage and cN stage; mo, months; w/o, without