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Fig. 2

From: Genetic variability in E6, E7 and L1 genes of Human Papillomavirus 62 and its prevalence in Mexico

Fig. 2

Sequence and structure alignment of HPV62 L1 protein. a Protein sequence alignment of the AY395706 NCBI sequence (HPV62-L1 REF) with that obtained from cervical sample P9 (HPV62-L1 P9); dots indicate matching residues, amino acid changes are darkened. b Structure alignment of both 503 amino acid complete proteins (HPV62-L1 REF in red and HPV62-L1 P9 in grey) and location of the four detected mutations shown as yellow dots. c Magnification of the structure alignment region containing the mutated amino acids threonine (p.T84A), alanine (p.A88G), lysine (p.K380R); and d) alanine (p. A497T)

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