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Fig. 2

From: Molecular characterization of hepatitis B virus among chronic hepatitis B patients from Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo

Fig. 2

Alignments of deduced amino acid sequences of pre-S1 from OBI strains compared to the consensus sequence of genotype E (AB091255) and genotype A (AM184126) retrieved from GenBank database. The amino acids were identified by single letter code. Dots represent identical amino acids with the reference consensus sequences for genotype E or A shown on top of each sequence. The immune epitopes corresponding to B-and T-cell (aa12-53), hepatocyte binding site (aa 21-47), S promoter (nt 3045-3180) and CCAAT box (nt 3137-3141) are marked correspondingly at the top of the alignment. aa, amino acid; nt, nucleotide

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