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Table 1 Drugs used for screening in SPEL cells

From: Establishing and characterizing a new primary effusion lymphoma cell line harboring Kaposi’s sarcoma–associated herpesvirus

Drug Company, Catalog no. Category Concentration
No drug - Control -
DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) Sigma-Aldrich, 34869 Control -
Doxorubicin Kyowa-Kirin, Adriacin Anti-cancer drug 10 μM
Vincristine Nippon-Kayaku, Oncovin Anti-cancer drug 10 μM
Etoposide Sigma-Aldrich, E1383 Anti-cancer drug 10 μM
Anti-IgM SA-DA4 Abcam, ab99740 Anti-IgM 10 μM
Anti-IgM FC Abcam, ab772 Anti-IgM 10 μM
Anti-IgM UNLB Southern Biotech, 2020-01 Anti-IgM 10 μM
IC-261 Sigma-Aldrich, I0658 Casein kinase inhibitor 10 μM
TBB Sigma-Aldrich, T0826 Casein kinase inhibitor 10 μM
D4476 Sigma-Aldrich, D1944 Casein kinase inhibitor 10 μM
TPA (tetradecanylphorbol acetate) Sigma-Aldrich, P8139 Dicarboxylic acid 20 ng/mL
SBHA (suberic bishydroxamate) R &D Systems, 38937-66-5 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Trichostatin A Sigma-Aldrich, T8552 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Cl994 Sigma-Aldrich, C0621 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
SAHA Sigma-Aldrich, SML0061 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Tubacin Sigma-Aldrich, SML0065 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Scriptaid Sigma-Aldrich, S7817 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Panobinostat Sigma-Aldrich, EPI009 HDAC inhibitor 10 μM
Sodium Butyrate Sigma-Aldrich, B5887 HDAC inhibitor 1.25 μM
SC514 Santa Cruz, sc-205504 IKKb inhibitor 10 μM
Thalidomide Sigma-Aldrich, T144 Immunomodulatory drug 10 μM
Pomalidomide Sigma-Aldrich, P0018 Immunomodulatory drug 10 μM
Lenalidomide Santa Cruz, sc-218656 Immunomodulatory drug 10 μM
Cyclophosphamide Sigma-Aldrich, C7397 Immunosuppressant 10 μM
AG490 (Tyrphostin AG 490) Sigma-Aldrich, T3434 JAK inhibitor 10 μM
SP600125 Sigma-Aldrich, S5567 JNK inhibitor 10 μM
Rapamycin Sigma-Aldrich, R8781 mTOR inhibitor 10 μM
BAY11-7082 Sigma-Aldrich, B5556 NF-kB inhibitor 10 μM
LY-294002 Sigma-Aldrich, L9908 PI3K inhibitor 10 μM
Z-leu-leu-leu-H Peptide Institute, 3175-v Proteasome inhibitor 10 μM
Bortezomib Calbiochem, 5.04314.0001 Proteasome inhibitor 10 μM
Simvastatin MSD, Lipovas Statin 10 μM
Lovastatin Sigma-Aldrich, 1370600 Statin 10 μM
Prednisolone Shionogi, Predonine Steroid 10 μM
Dexamethasone Sigma-Aldrich, D4902 Steroid 10 μM