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Fig. 10

From: Establishing and characterizing a new primary effusion lymphoma cell line harboring Kaposi’s sarcoma–associated herpesvirus

Fig. 10

Tumor formation mediated by SPEL cells in vivo. a Macroscopic view of SPEL-inoculated SCID mice 4 weeks after inoculation. Mice in the middle and right displayed solid tumors at the inoculation sites (arrows). The mouse on the left was the control with no inoculation. b Analysis of the number of KSHV genome copies in the solid tumors of SCID mice and SPEL cells by real-time PCR. Error bars indicate the standard deviations. c, d HE staining (c) and immunohistochemistry for LANA-1 (d) of the resected tumors from SCID mice. e, f Giemsa staining (e) and immunofluorescence for LANA-1 of cultured cells from SCID tumors (e)

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