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Fig. 1

From: Inconclusive role of human papillomavirus infection in breast cancer

Fig. 1

Identification the quality of genomic DNA from breast cancer biopsy and detection of HPV from them by PCR. a PCR amplification of a 268-bp fragment of human β-globin gene. b PCR amplification of a 450-bp fragment in the HPV L1 region detected using MY09/11 primers. c PCR amplification of a 478-bp fragment in the HPV L1 region detected using FAP59/64 primers. Lane M: DL 1000 DNA marker (TaKaRa). Lane W: Sterile water (negtive control). Lane c: DNA from HPV-16 positive cervical tissues. Lane p1: pBS322/HPV16 plasmid; Lane p2: pBS322/HPV8 plasmid; Lane p3: pBS322/HPV11 plasmid (positive control). Lanes 1–14: Breast cancer biopsy DNA

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