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Figure 2

From: The Epstein Barr-encoded BART-6-3p microRNA affects regulation of cell growth and immuno response in Burkitt lymphoma

Figure 2

Immunohistochemistry of BART6-3p target genes. The expression level of p80, gp130 and PTEN was evaluated in EBV-positive (right) and EBV-negative (left) BL cases. p80 was strongly expressed in the cytoplasm (upper panel), gp130 showed membrane and cytoplasmic positivity (middle panel), PTEN was found in the nucleus (lower panel). Macrophages were used as internal positive controls. p80, gp130 and PTEN were found to be meaningfully down-regulated in EBV positive BL cases (right panel, upper, middle and lower images, respectively). (400x magnification).

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