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Table 4 Characteristics of soils associated with risk of classic Kaposi sarcoma (cKS).

From: Risk of classic Kaposi sarcoma with exposures to plants and soils in Sicily

  Main features Main land use Other Comments
Soils with higher cKS risk   
Eutric regosol and/or lithosol Very shallow soils with an A-C profile (eutric regosol) or shallow soil with an A-R profile (lithosols). Eutric regosol is generally clayey in texture and with a sub-alkaline reaction. Features of lithosols are strongly dependent on those of the parent material on which they evolve. Natural grazing. Durum wheat is cultivated on Eutric regosol that is not steep. Prone to erosion. Low agronomic capability.
Chromic and/or pellic vertisol Deep or very deep soils with an A-Bss-C profile. Texture is clayey throughout and is also characterized by swelling and shrinking processes due to the presence of montmorillonitic clay. Arable land most commonly cultivated with durum wheat and summertime vegetables (e.g. tomato, watermelon). Very frequent in flat areas or on gentle slopes. Good agronomic capability, with wide and deep cracks in summertime.
Soils with lower cKS risk   
Rendzina Medium depth soils, A-R and in many cases A-Bw-R in profile, that evolve on limestone or dolomitic limestone substrata. Texture ranges from clay-loamy to loam. Natural grazing. Improvable by human action for some crops. Moderate agronomic capability. Uncommon in Sicily.
Orthic luvisol Moderately deep soils, with an A-Bt-C profile showing a brown argillic B horizon whose color is due to a mixture of clay of different types, organic matter and iron. Texture tends to be clayey in the whole profile, and the amount of clay increases in the Bt horizon. Vineyards, fruit orchards and, in some cases, vegetables. Moderate agronomic capability.
Vertic cambisol Moderately deep soils, with an A-Bss-C profile showing a brown vertic B horizon. Texture is clayey in the whole profile. Arable land most commonly cultivated with durum wheat. Moderate to good agronomic capability, with wide cracks in summertime.
Eutric cambisol Moderately deep soils, with an A-Bw-C profile showing a brown cambic B horizon. Texture is clayey in the whole profile. Arable land, especially for orchards and vineyards. Quite good agronomic capability.