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Figure 1

From: Risk of classic Kaposi sarcoma with exposures to plants and soils in Sicily

Figure 1

Political (community boundaries) map of Sicily, with superimposed heat maps of nocturnal luminescence and selected soils. A. Nocturnal luminescence. B. Orthic luvisol distribution, not weighted for luminescence. C. Luminescence-weighted concentration of orthic luvisol. D. Luminescence-weighted concentration of eutric regosol and/or lithosol. E. Luminescence-weighted concentrations of eutric regosol and/or lithosol (red/pink) and orthic luvisol (green), irrespective of community boundaries. F. Luminescence-weighted concentrations (levels as in Table 3) of eutric regosol and/or lithosol (red/pink), orthic luvisol (green), and overlaps of these (tan) by community

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