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Figure 1

From: Elevated anti-Zta IgG levels and EBV viral load are associated with site of tumor presentation in endemic Burkitt's lymphoma patients: a case control study

Figure 1

P. falciparum -specific IgG in controls (n = 25) versus children presenting with BL (n = 32). Plasma was diluted at 1:6400 and tested using a Luminex Bead Based array. Specific malaria antigens were (A) MSP1 3D7-specific IgG, (B) MSP1 FVO-specific IgG, (C) AMAI 3D7-specific IgG, (D) AMA1 FVO-specific IgG and (E) LSA1-specific IgG. The mean flourescence intensity (MFI) of 75 of Luminex beads for each of the antigen tested is indicated on the y-axis. P values of Mann-Whitney U tests are indicated in the figures. Horizontal bars represent median values per each study population.

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