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Table 3 Selected responses to survey stratified by race/ethnicity

From: Comparison of knowledge and attitudes toward cancer among African Americans

  Total pop.
African Americans* Caucasians* p-value§
What kind of treatment is available for individuals diagnosed with cancer?     
Answer: Identified radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery 156/215 17% (58.4–73.9) 60% (76.0–97.1) 0.0039
What feeling comes to mind when you hear the words "clinical trial?"     
Answer: Hopeful 116/215 53% (45.6–61.2) 62% (45.9–75.1)  
None, have never heard of this 20/215 10% (6.0–16.3) 8% (2.7–22.9)  
If asked to participate in a clinical trial testing a new form of treatment, would you participate?     
Answer: No 148/215 53% (43.1–63.9) 15% (5.4–35.0) 0.002
If you are a male, have you been screened or plan to be screened for prostate cancer?     
Answer: Yes 30/54 60% (45.5–74.0) 50% (11.8–88.0)  
Answer: No 24/54 39% (26.0–54.5) 50% (12.0–88.2)  
Where can you find additional information regarding facts about cancer?     
Answer: Identified Doctor or Nurse, Cancer Information Services, American Cancer Society 165/215 77% (70.1–83.6) 83% (67.5–92.3)  
  1. *Prevalence adjusted for annual household income and education level. §p-value shown only when there is a statistically significant difference between African Americans vs. Caucasians. n = number of subjects that provided a specific answer; N = number of total population