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Table 2 E6-2 amplicon sequences

From: Human papillomavirus type 16 variants in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and invasive carcinoma in San Luis Potosí City, Mexico

  Characteristics of the nucleotide sequences
Cervical sample Accession number a Length (bp) HPV16 subtype Variant b Novel change a
HPV16-1 EU880235 521 AA AA-a ---
HPV16-2 EU880236 573 AA AA-a ---
HPV16-3 EU880237 537 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-4 EU880238 560 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-5 EU880239 539 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-6 EU880240 576 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-7 EU880241 562 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-8 EU880242 493 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-9 EU880243 436 E E-T350G ---
HPV16-10 EU880244 539 E E-C188G ---
HPV16-11 EU880245 545 E E-C188G ---
HPV16-12 EU880246 562 E E-P ---
HPV16-13 EU880247 573 E E-P A334G
HPV16-14 EU880248 562 E E-P A334G
HPV16-15 EU880249 562 E E-P A334G
HPV16-16 EU880250 544 E E-P A334G
HPV16-17 EU880251 564 E E-P A334G
HPV16-18 EU880252 541 E E-P A334G
HPV16-19 EU880253 541 E E-P ---
HPV16-20 EU880254 548 E E-P A334G
HPV16-21 EU880255 465 E E-P A334G
HPV16-22 EU880256 545 E E-P A334G
HPV16-23 EU880257 522 E E-P A334G
HPV16-24 EU880258 522 E E-P A334G
HPV16-25 EU880259 564 E E-P A334G
HPV16-26 EU880260 560 E E-P A334G
HPV16-27 EU880261 337 E E-P A334G
HPV16-28 EU880262 576 E E-P A334G
HPV16-29 EU880263 546 E E-P A334G
HPV16-30 EU880264 564 E E-P A404T
HPV16-31 EU880265 564 E E-P ---
HPV16-32 EU880266 563 E E-P ---
HPV16-33 EU880267 558 E E-P A334G
HPV16-34 EU880268 561 E E-P A334G
HPV16-35 EU880269 562 E E-P A334G
HPV16-36 EU880270 562 E E-P A334G
HPV16-37 EU880271 559 E E-P A334G
HPV16-38 EU880272 564 E E-P A334G
  1. a GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ.
  2. b Nucleotide numbering of the HPV16 E-P Ref genome.
  3. c Described for the first time in this work.