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Table 2 Reagents used in the study

From: Prevalence of cervical neoplastic lesions and Human Papilloma Virus infection in Egypt: National Cervical Cancer Screening Project

Reagents Source code
ISH detection kits and probes
ISH detection system Dako K0601
Wide spectrum HPV Dako Y1404
6/11 HPV Dako Y1411
16/18 HPV Dako Y1412
31/33 HPV Dako Y1413
IHC detection kits and antibodies
LSAB-2 Detection kit Dako K0680
HSV- 2 Dako B0116
CMV early antigens Novocastra NCL- CMV- EA
CMV late antigens Novocastra NCL- CMV- EA
P 24 capsid protein Novocastra NCL-p24