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Table 1 Cytological and histological criteria used for diagnosis of cervical lesions

From: Prevalence of cervical neoplastic lesions and Human Papilloma Virus infection in Egypt: National Cervical Cancer Screening Project

Lesions Criteria for diagnosis Ref.
Cytologic HPV Koilocytic atypia
Multinucleation (frequently binucleation)
ASCUS Nuclear enlargement approximately twice the size of an immature squamous metaplastic cell
Slight increase in nucleo-cytoplasmic ratio
Nuclear chromatin clumping
Variation in nuclear size and shape including mild hyperchromasia, binucleation, and mild irregularity in the nuclear membranes
35, 36
AGCUS Nuclear enlargement approximately twice the size of an endocervical cell.
Nuclear pseudostratification
Mild hyperchromasia
Discriminating AGUS from neoplastic endocervical cells Presence of normal ECCs, singly or in sheets
Absence of necrosis
Absence of papillary groups
Mild anisonucleosis
Marked chromatin distribution
EGD Nuclei not cytologically malignant
Nuclear hyperchromasia and pseudostratification
Low mitotic figures
Absence of papillary formation and cribriform pattern
Histologic HPV Koilocytic atypia: 4 points
Binucleation: 2 points
Dyskeratosis: one point
Basal cell hyperplasia: one point
Papillomatosis: one point
Acanthosis: one point